One of the smartest things you'll ever do is clone your computer's hard drive. Making sure your workflow is uninterrupted with minimum business downtime!  

Hard Drives Cloned Right!We are specialists in
Hard Drive Replication

Though we have the skills for other Services... We are specialists in Hard Drive Replication of Bootable Clones. Our technicians likely have the knowledge to solve various problems ranging from printers to networks. However, we are on the task of helping you and so many others avoid the real problems associated with NOT planning for the inevitable mechanical hard drive failures. We are happy to refer you to another trusted Computer/Network Service Company. More...

Hard Drive Bootable Duplicates Why Hard Drive Cloning?

  • After a Hard Drive Failure, You'll Be Up & Running with Minimal Down Time
  • Cost Effective Alternative to complete CPU Replacement
  • Extends the Life Span of Your Current Computer
  • Upgrades Drive Storage Space
  • Risk Free

Hard Drive CloningDisasters Avoided... Back Up Your Data RIGHT!

Your business should be up and running ASAP after a hard drive failure, Right? You pay insurance for your car, your health and your life. Right?

We provide you hard drive failure with minimal business downtime insurance!

Hard drive failure? Oh no! You should have called Southern California Hard Drive Cloning Service! Duplicating total data and operating system and leaving all programs intact. from one computer, laptop or server’s hard drive to new hard drive is called hard drive imaging (or cloning). A hard drive mirror image enables a user to boot the new hard drive within the same computer and resume work, just as if he or she was working from the original drive.

Our service you will extend the overall life span of your computer because the most common component to fail is the hard drive with the constant mechanical stress of spinning disks of up to 7200RPMs or faster! The standard life span of a hard drive is about 3 years before its starts to become fatigued which is identified by a louder operation (clicking) and often a slower response and increasingly frequent error notifications.

Hard drive imaging is used for example if you want to implement upgrades. Imaging can save time, effort and relational downtime money lost when associated with having to back up files and then manually reinstall them into the new hard drive. Hard drive imaging gives you an exact copy on the new, larger drive.

Hard Drive imaging is cost effective, safe and eliminates downtime!
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